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Dear Mr. Zweigle:

Thank you for introducing us to insulating concrete forms. Our new home in Truckee is very quiet and warm inside.   This wall system has broad application to residential homes in any climate, but particularly in the cold and high snow and seismic load areas like Truckee.   The concrete wall system provides substantial shear in every wall and eliminates cutting up the conventional wood framing system when trying to develop adequate hold downs for these extremely high loading areas.   For basement construction the system is far superior, less costly and quicker to construct than either a conventional-formed concrete wall or masonry block wall and can be formed easily by carpenters.

King Leach Investments, LLC
Russell A. King, P.E.                                                             


Dear Ed, We moved in our new home mid January and we are finally getting settled.When Dan, our son and our Architect, said we should insulating concrete forms for the new house we had no idea how  good it was going to be. We are so happy with this house. It's amazingly quiet and when the winds are blowing at 100+ miles an hour, which we had once already, we didn't even know it! We couldn't be happier with the results. We laugh and say it's like living in a gun safe.

Thanks for introducing us to Nudura.

Cindy & Bill Rentsch