Ed Zweigle Enterprises

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Ed Zweigle, Owner

With Over 40 years of building experience, I have built everything from outhouses (for The Forest Service) to airplane hangers, subdivision homes, shopping centers, custom homes and apartment complexes.  In the past I have built two custom homes in the Truckee, CA area using integrated concrete forms.  I am very impressed with the ease in which the forms are erected and concrete is placed to form a straight, strong wall.  The end result being a better, safer and energy efficient home that will save the homeowner a great deal of money on their heating and cooling costs. I am now retired from the contracting business, but will remain the NUDURA distrubtor in Northern Nevada & Northern California.

I have studied every other ICF on the market and feel that the Nudura is by far the best. 

Photograph by:  Zweigle Ratiner Studios www.zrstudios.com