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Nudura Represenative / Distributor In California & Northern Nevada

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A Whole New Way To Build

Nudura is the new-generation Integrated Building Technology that is vastly superior to traditional stick framing methods. Building technology has seen rapid advances in recent times, with builders and home owners looking for newer, more efficient ways to build homes that are stronger, more comfortable and energy-efficient, while allowing for flexibility of design and lower future maintenance costs. With Nudura, you can save time and money and get a stronger, more comfortable and more energy-efficient home.

Future Of Building Technology

Building technology has come a long way since the first settlers cleared forests to make log homes and stick-framed buildings. Rapid advances in building materials combined with a heightened concern about environmental issues has given rise to improved ways to build that are strong and durable, as well as cost- and energy-efficient.

Nudura Integrated Building Technology offers an ideal balance of quality, speed, flexibility, cost and ease of use. Factors that ultimately benefit your clients in the long run. By choosing Nudura, you not only build structures that stand the test of time, you also build a solid reputation for yourself in your market.

Today, more and more builders and their clients are discovering the benefits of building with Nudura. Building owners can get increased durability and fire resistance, enhanced energy-efficiency and comfort as well as additional sound protection. For builders, additional revenue opportunities, enhanced job site control and efficiency as well as lower costs and less callbacks make Nudura an irresistible choice.

NUDURA is now officially Greenspec approved for our Insulated Concrete Forms.  What this means to the industry is that NUDURA is recognized as an environmentally sustainable product that contributes to both a better quality of building as well as contributing to the LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). For more information on the details of our qualifications, please read the attached as it appears on the Greenspec website. 

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